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One regular reader emailed me regarding the defense and had this to say.



Hi Mahe,


In Celtic’s last defeat 0-3 to SEVCO on May 13th 2023 at Ibrox, the defence was
Hart, Ralston, Starfelt, Kobayashi and Bernabai.


One year later on May 25th 2024 all the back 4 replaced to read:
Johnston, Carter Vickers, Scales and Taylor


Last Saturdays , Back 4 in the Scottish Cup Final is quite remarkable in their history of playing against R2ngers


Alastair Johnston since January 2nd 2023, 2-2 draw at Ibrox, has played IN 9 Derby games with 7 wins and 2 draws. (6 League, 2 Scottish Cup and 1 League Cup)
AJ has never played in a losing League , League Cup or Scottish Cup fixture v SEVCO.


Cameron Carter Vickers has played in 12 Glasgow Derbies – 8 wins 3 draws 1 defeat in 2022 Scottish Cup Semi 1-2 Starfelt OG in extra time.
8 league games versus SEVCO with no defeats.
He scored the winner in 2-1 victory at Ibrox on 03/04/22.
2 out of 2 wins in League cup fixtures.
The Rock which SEVCO is unable to penetrate!
Celtic’s Best Player in my opinion.


Liam Scales 5 games v SEVCO in 23/24 Recorded 4 wins and 1 draw.
LS has not played for a losing Celtic team in a Glasgow Derby.


Greg Taylor IF you count GT subbed in the 90th minute versus the Huns as not on the park in the 1-2 2022 Scottish Cup Final defeat that went into extra time then.
Greg Taylor since Ange was appointed in 2021/22 has played 14 consecutive unbeaten Glasgow Derby fixtures i.e.
10 wins 4 draws or 10 wins 3 draws and 1 defeat, including 5 shutouts?
10 League fixtures without playing in a losing Celtic team against SEVCO!
Juranovic LB V R2ngers in League 0-1 29/08/21
Bernabei LB V R2ngers in League 0-3 13/05/23
Unbelievable stats considering, I go on about him not playing his LB position.


All the above highlight the Celtic Back 4 know how to play the Ibrox mob.


Plus Aaron Mooy 5 unbeaten appearances in the 2022/23 season against SEVCO 3 League ,1 League cup and 1 Scottish Cup .
2 Starts v SEVCO 3-2 league and 2-1 League Cup Final wins
3 as a Substitute in 4-0 and 2-2 league fixtures and substitute in the 1-0 Scottish Cup Semi Final win.
This terrific footballer played in one losing 0-2 game in 2022/23 v St Mirren @ Love Street.



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June 3, 2024 6:00 am


You can read our article on a resolution for improving refereeing standards here.
Join the growing numbers of our readers who have had enough of referees In hun scarves.

June 3, 2024 6:01 am

The Sentinel Celts Charity Drive has nominated Blood Cancer UK as the recipient for funds for the six months to 31/07/2024,and we are getting close to achieving our LATEST TARGET.
We have set up a GoFundMe page for those who have some spare cash to donate,even from a lucky windfall or finding a tenner in the street.
Click on the link for more details,including how to donate.
Please give generously to a very deserving cause. Although our first targets have now been achieved-and many thanks for your generosity!-we can always hope to do more.

Brigton Dairy bhoys
June 3, 2024 7:26 am

But for officialdom constantly giving them a leg up almost every game they play, they would be absolutely nowhere near us! We can look forward to more of the same in the coming season.

Really sad what Scottish football has become.

June 3, 2024 7:44 am

Morning all,

Cracking leader with some unbelievable stats.

A big thanks to whoever compiled them 👍👍👍


Well done to Bob McIntyre and his ” Grasscutter” Dad for winning The Canadian Open 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

It was terrific viewing and thoroughly enjoyable.

BC Milan
June 3, 2024 7:47 am

Been trying to join the charity Euros Predictor using the link you sent with your email and also going through my Superbru App. Each time I get a message saying the password / pool code is incorrect. I am using the one you gave me in your email.
if this cannot be sorted I will donate my £20 entry fee and do the predictor on my own. Guarantee to finish top of my league !

June 3, 2024 8:24 am

Morning Leggy.
I thought the golf was terrific most of the time. Got a bit scary at times too. Bob did well to keep it together. Great win. 🏆

June 3, 2024 8:46 am


Excellent article which rams home how we have hammered the huns since they phoenixed into the SPL in 2016. With the obvious exception of the covid season,we have battered them almost at will. Or beaten them when it looked unlikely,breaking their hearts and crushing their souls in the process.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we shouldn’t have to play them at all-as they shouldn’t bloody exist-I wish we could play them every week.

June 3, 2024 8:49 am

BC Milan

I’ve let SFTB know about your mail,he will hopefully get back to you soon.

St tams
June 3, 2024 10:32 am

Some excellent stats there.
I would say though , it’s more than being better than the huns, that’s a board outlook.

Well done Bob Macintyre, held his nerve last night, for a great win

June 3, 2024 10:49 am

Sorry for the hassle you’ve had BC Milan. When I set it up I used the password SCQN1888 and most people have joined using it. However, I was notified that Superbru had allocated the password – willycops- . Please try again with both of these and let me know if any worked. If neither do- I will write immediately to Superbru and ask them to sort it. I wonder if others have been affected too as we have not had many new members in recent days. Thanks for letting me know

June 3, 2024 10:53 am

Good article thanks.
As St. Tams says, we’ve got to look beyond them.
Defence ( team ) stats in Europe is pretty grim.
They do have experience of it now though and know what a step up it is.
One lapse ( two if you count the unheeded warning from Carvahal ) cost Dortmund the final.
For all their efforts,we need better.
They are not the yardstick.

June 3, 2024 11:41 am


We should not be judging ourselves by their standards,only by our own. And that means in Europe. It is fine to be top dogs in Scotland,I certainly won’t be complaining about that,but it is a pyrrhic victory when we remorselessly get our arse kicked in Europe.

in fact,if there is one metric of theirs that I think we might use as a yardstick,it is their European coefficient. Ours is virtually in negative territory! And unless we can match the points tally from 2019/20 in the coming season,it will only get worse.

June 3, 2024 11:49 am

Steve N and Bobby…bang on! The victories against the Hun are so sweet, particularly when we are surrounded by a sycophantic media and a WATP -support. But they haven’t done anything to help us progress as a fitba Club. Of course, we then need to factor in our very obvious shortcomings ie the Fat Rich Elephant in the room who has consistently and deliberately stymied any efforts to be better than the best wee team in this best wee country.
It’s down to Brendan and Nicholson now to prove they’re willing to leave that mindset behind and improve where it really does matter!

June 3, 2024 12:00 pm


Strange to think that all the time that Lawwell was CEO,he probably had more cash in the bank than the club did. As soon as he’s out the door,that overdraft of ours flips to a nine figure balance in the black.

Shoorly shum coinshidensh.

Inar the black
June 3, 2024 12:05 pm

Never posted before but the discussion on the defence and how well the no. 1 choice does against the R2ngers had me wanting to ask there is a a lot of negative comment that we shouldn’t gauge ourselves by them , but by European results. Which on the surface is fair enough. How many times though has that defence played together in Europe? Always seems to have at least one missing. Especially CCV. Maybe one of the resident stats. guys can let us know.

June 3, 2024 12:11 pm

Hmmm, Bobby, I’m not sure that really covers our current finances but suffice to say it’s a piece of nonsense that a director of a fitba Club has made more money out of it than any single player. That he’s done it while curtailing the ambition of the managers, the players and the fans just makes the whole situation a farce!
…and further, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out sometime in the future that various agents have made small, discreet payments of a brown bag nature to supplement his huge salary! All in my own humble opinion, of course, but our transfer policy has stunk for years!

June 3, 2024 12:13 pm


Welcome aboard!

Good point about the flux in the defence this season,but we had a very settled defence of Jura,Starfelt,CCV and Taylor in the two previous seasons. And I don’t think our results were any better.

Really,I think our team is constructed for the campaign in Scotland. Europe is treated as an afterthought.

June 3, 2024 12:15 pm


It specifically doesn’t cover our current finances,as Lawwell ceased to be CEO three years ago.

June 3, 2024 12:26 pm

Fair comment, Bobby, but you get my gist! The current balance has been accrued by the same methods he employed…ie don’t spend it, save it!
It did get me thinking though about the Boys Club case and also our proposals for the hotel/museum etc, both likely to cost huge sums to the Club.
The Boys Club case will take care of itself now, to a certain degree and it’s just a case of waiting to find out that agreement has been reached on how much and when each individual will be recompense.
The hotel/museum, if its still a thing, apparently required infrastructure changes to ease access to that part of the city. Specifically, cycle and pedestrian access. The area is currently undergoing such changes and I’m wondering if the project might be kickstarted once those changes are effected!

June 3, 2024 12:29 pm


Pretty sure that the abuse cases were covered by our liability insurance. Which is why the legal representation for the cases was covered by the insurance company lawyers,and not Celtic. I’d expect the impact on club finances to be minimal.

Brigton Dairy bhoys
June 3, 2024 12:43 pm

Apparently we will only get a short time to enjoy Sevco’s new left back, as within no time he’ll be off to Real Madrid! The things people will put their name to for a few shekels, eh

Speaking of which – did anyone read that they have only bought a percentage of said player??

They also got told to get tae feck by Levski Sofia, as they wanted to buy their player (Cordoba?) on some payment plan, rather than meet the club’s valuation. So much for them walking away from the deal!

The Scottish press have made themselves an utter embarrassment in their attempts to appease them.

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 12:44 pm

Welcome ITB! 🍀💚

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 12:55 pm

Bobby 12.29

You will have exploded the nappers of any lurking (Or posting 😉) Huns with that post.

You are literally taking away the very last hope that they have.

Yes, they really are that sick!

June 3, 2024 12:56 pm


Lies / Damned lies / statistics — take your pick.
Govan FC record — our big picture issue is not points it is the goals conceded.

We have a great record regarding scoring goals.
Much poorer record regarding conceding them and having to hang on.
First half play has been good — when they get desperate we get the fear.

Our defence has to be CL ready / credible.
We are some way from that at the moment.
Plus we lack defensive structure and energy from the MF.

AP last season — 4th SPL game against them ..
He was at the wind up with that team — the squad knew he was for the off and were acting accordingly so he had top freshen things up to try and get some focus and some energy.

AJ has made progress / more confident with the ball but is still a bit callow.
CCV has finally managed to get over his surgery.
LS needs a rest to re-gather his thoughts.
GT is more effective in the MF than as a defender.

So we need depth at RB.
We need a bit of quality at CB.
We need a total revamp of our LB options.
And we need to integrate a new GK to replace JH who got better as the season progressed.

Tough gig — we will need Bosmans / loans / established talent / promising youth.
And that is just for the defence.

Plus we do not need BL / 2003 turning out at CB.
That single episode shows the shambles that is our player development capabilities.

BR firing on all cylinders.
New blood in to do the detailed coaching.
We are making progress.

June 3, 2024 1:11 pm

Incredible the excuses that seem to be circulating in the support.
Hotel / museum development is being held up by pavement issues?

Not sure that dog can hunt — they managed to deliver the Emirates across the road with those same wonky / dodgy pavements and limited infrastructure.

The current design for a hotel is a dog.
The rest of the plan is housing association level stack-a-pleb boxes.
The elephant in the room is the desperate need for a new main stand.

A main stand that takes into account the need to move the pitch 15M closer to London Road to generate more space for the scheduled North Stand revamp in the 2040’s.

Our stadium offering is already 20 years behind the times.
We cannot live of Wee FMcC’s vision for ever.

Newcastle/PaintedIntoACorner CSC.

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 1:29 pm

Right on Q …

Positivity? That’ll never do ..

You think things are great but I’m here to tell you ..

Positivity, that will never do!


Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 1:32 pm

I always thought the hotel and museum would be sure fire winners.

build it and they will come.


June 3, 2024 1:40 pm

I dunno why I feel the need to bite but here goes anyway…

June 3, 2024 1:42 pm
Big packy😉😉
June 3, 2024 1:50 pm

Afternoon all and JIm and Magua got a spare couple of tickets for Donny and Marie Osmond at frodsham community hall tonight let me know if anyone is interested 😁 😁 😁 another true story

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 2:02 pm


I’m in! They will probably open the show with my favourite song – Puppy love 🐕🐕

Ironically enough, me and the wee man just got a puppy.

Tearing the house apart, the wee sheet!

June 3, 2024 2:03 pm

McC x 2 @ 1.40’ish

The CCB plan only goes out to Bellgrove Street / Abercrombie Street.
It will have no impact on any building projects at P/head.
Might improve the pavements through the Barras.
Not an issue for our development plans.

The City Avenues project is a ongoing disaster / tragedy of epic proportions.
Economic development by student level politicians that is generating more issues than it is solving — see the eastern end of Sauchiehall street for evidence of the carnage it has unleashed.

Consequently G40 is not their focus at the moment and again better pavements will not push the hotel / museum business plan over the edge towards viability.

Bigger issue this summer is the inclusion of the stadium and P/head area on the second HoHo tourist bus route — we should be putting out the red carpet / special offers to get the visitors off the bus and into the shop and the stadium tour.

Our only issue is that no matter the state of our facilities — the windswept tarmac prairie surrounding the stadium is not conducive to tourist selfies. The lack of food offerings is another weakness regarding harvesting the tourist pound.

Anyway — G40 PLC is on the up with the HoHo bus.
The Forge / the stadium / the Emirates / the Loop Park — hopefully they get off the bus.

June 3, 2024 2:10 pm

HoHo bus — P/head edition.
G40 makes it to the Tourist big league.

Hop-On Hop-Off Glasgow (Yellow Tour) | City Sightseeing© (

£15 for a bus — there is money to be made out there.

Last edited 1 month ago by Madmitch
June 3, 2024 2:10 pm

Inar the Black,

Welcome to the blog 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

HH 💚

June 3, 2024 2:12 pm

HoHo Bus challenge — we need to up our game.

They have their Lidl spec / Black shed cultural centre.
We need to something quick and cheap to fill the tarmac prairie.

Big packy😉😉
June 3, 2024 2:21 pm

Big audio dynamite the tickets are yours so glad you and the wee man got a puppy 👍

June 3, 2024 2:22 pm

McC @ 2.16

A bike lane should not be holding back our development plans for the area around the stadium.
Anyone pushing this angle is just a CQN excuse monger bumping their gums.

Just another Transport 1400 project to make driving in the city that bit more awkward.
File under low energy student spec politicians flogging a hobby horse to death.
Spending other people’s money badly.
Lots in common with PL.

Big packy😉😉
June 3, 2024 2:26 pm

In are the black welcome 👍

June 3, 2024 2:33 pm


Thanks for providing those stats. Very illuminating.👍

Inar the black

Welcome to the blog. 🍀


Spot on.

Brigton Dairy Bhoys/BAD

I did not realise that the rotten mob had tried to sign the Levski Sofia fella on the never never. They must be really skint. It’s a wee shame, so it is. 😁 Perhaps big Peter could lend his Masonic mates at Ibrox a few quid. After all, he never tires of giving Trigger’s Broom FC a helping hand now and again.

Hail Hail.

June 3, 2024 2:38 pm

Inar the Black,
Big welcome to the blog

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 2:57 pm


If I wasn’t such a technophobe I’d put up a picture.

He’s a wee belter, buddy.

Bada Bing
June 3, 2024 3:01 pm

Scotland v Gibraltar Premier Sports at 5

Big Audio Dynamite
June 3, 2024 3:04 pm


They don’t need our help. If you’re reading the daily record, it paints a picture of rude health over there. Jeez, they have players just stopping on their way to Real Madrid! You can only laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Hope your recovery is going smoothly

June 3, 2024 3:21 pm

Lovely day here in EK ☀️☀️☀️

Think I’ll give the Scotland game a wee watch to see how they are progressing.

I know some on here couldn’t give a toss, but I can’t wait for the Euros.

And remember, players want to play in big Tournaments, so good luck to all current and ex Celtic players.

COYBIB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

St tams
June 3, 2024 3:39 pm

Steve Clarke , says Lyndon Dykes is irreplaceable, your fkn right he is. He’s a big carthorse

June 3, 2024 3:46 pm


The thing is, delusional Huns believe every word of the MSSM. More fool them. Lessons should have been learned from liquidation in 2012…but apparently not. 😂 Back to outpatients mid-June. So I’m hoping for the best. Cheers. Hope you and the young fella have a blast with the new puppy.

Hail Hail.

big packy
June 3, 2024 3:51 pm

3 quiz questions
1 scotland defeated england in the home championship’s at wembley in 1928 what was the score and what was the nickname given to the team,

  1. 2 On which Scottish Island did George Orwell write 1984?
  2. 3 What is the name of real-life Hogwarts Express?
Mike in Toronto
June 3, 2024 4:05 pm

Maresca leaves Leicester for Chelsea. I’m hearing Leicester are interested in bringing Rodgers back.

Mike in Toronto
June 3, 2024 4:05 pm

just joking … before anyone pops a clog!