Let the People sit !

First fans where in, now fans are out. Fan-bloody-tastic.


I must admit that Saturday’s game was the first time I really missed fans in attendance. No harm to Ross County but whoever was controlling the artificial crowd noises either didn’t have a lot to work with or had a bad day at the office. Maybe both, but it just wasn’t working, not sure if you noticed or felt the same.


At the same time we know some games including our own had 300 fans in attendance, a strange number considering that the egg chasing had 700 hardy souls watching. Either that sport has more influence or bigger stadiums, for its hard to claim eminence as the national sport such is Footballs right, when a rival can twist bigger arms or is seen as more respectable.
Whilst it was probably the weeks highlight for the lucky 300 souls, as mentioned before it certainly never helped me in feeling any atmosphere, perhaps if the home side had scored 5 that might have been different.
And now just when fans had one foot in the door, they are once again shut out.


Its hard to swallow on any level. There’s a great degree of hypocrisy involved in that one could go to the pub or restaurant, use public transport or maybe a haircut, even go to work, and chances are all of the above actions would bring a greater risk of infection than 300 spread throughout an entire stadium with masks on as mandated.


Lenny yesterday claimed it is ‘vital’ we get fans back, and he himself has came down as a big proponent of playing games if rather than postponing, rightfully saying he cant see the sense in postponing only for the original issue to arise again and again.
Vital may not be an over exaggeration by the way. While this season may be pulled off, we cant count on that again, and a fanbase that might be worse off than this time last year certainly should not have expectations placed upon them to add to their worries.


Clubs without fans will be forced to severely cut costs, the smaller the club the more drastic the cuts. This would lead to an even more skewed league, which does little to help our institution develop or entice larger television revenue. Should one club fall, the league falls.
Should the league fall, our own club is in danger along with all the rest.
The interconnected nature of football may not be immediately apparent, but clubs are in unprecedented times and will be hanging on every word the first minister says regarding the reentry of fans.
Sensing that fans will not pay the previous season ticket amount again and especially not if the season gets called with zero in the way of refunds, all the member clubs must be genuinely concerned here.


Common sense must be used in getting the turnstiles open again,,and all politics must be put aside here. All involved in the decision need to be responsible, as do fans of course, but fact is stadia offer a great opportunity at controlled social distancing events through strict ticketing enforcement.
Let the people sit.


The above by Mahe. Email your opinion on this that and anything to sentinelcelts@gmail.com for publication.

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18 mins Celtic’s 1st attempt on goal. Eddy heads wides


Would you ‘adam and eve it’ ? – Shane Duffy scores with a header from a FK. 1-1

Big Audio Dynamite

I fucking cannot watch Greg Taylor!!!


Jamesy Forrest scores with great header – 2-1 Celtic – come on


Me also,


Great goal, great cross from Taylor!!
(Only kidding, BAD!! Great early baw from Christie… Ryan not Big Jim Packy!!)🤣🤣🤣


HT St Mirren 1 Celtic 2


Terrible first half like Saturday.

Hopefully same second half.

BTW, the two full backs are rank and should be nowhere near our 1st team.



Good result not great performance.
One brilliant moment by Christie has us ahead.
Refreshing to see a Celtic midfielder lift his head and hit a great diagonal ball for JF to bullet the header home.
We remind me of how our coach played which was receive ball, hesitate take a touch and then pass ball sideways.
It is to one paced and unlike in Neil’s day we don’t have anyone of the Lubo,Lambert or Petrov quality to pick up and vary the tempo and drive us forward.
Wish McGregor would learn to pass and move again.To often he passes then stops where he is standing.
Never really noticed Brown until around the 20th minute.
Suggests we are too cautious against an not so potent opponent.


Celtic tv has a lot of work to do to come up to a professional standard. During game there has been black spots and loss of sound


Anyone else getting heart palpitations when StM hit high balls into our penalty area?

Agree on Taylor…not Celtic class.

Getting seriously worried about McGregor. Pressing has been his only contribution. What has happened.

If StM had been a half decent team, we would be getting murdered.



How to stifle Celtic?
Hold position and shape then watch Celtic go sideways and backwards with zero purpose.


dreadful pen from Eddy – keeper saves easily. It remains 2-1


Awful penalty by Ed.
Rumors of disinterest will persist.


Errm – least said about that the best i think, but a win and another 3 points bagged.


Awful, but a win.



That was simply terrible!

The league depends on how bad Sevco are. Are they worse than us?

There were a lot of good players in the Celtic shirt but somehow they were not utilised to the best effect.

How many chances created from open play? Perhaps, three? The midfield needed changing but how long did we have to wait to see Ntcham on? Dear, oh dear!

Dismal performance from a clueless team.



What is the point of Taylor passing ball back to McGregor and haring up the wing for pass that never comes?

He might as well save his energy and stroll back into his position or gasp, take on his opponent.

Poor poor fare tonight. One mistake way from dropping two points.

Big Audio Dynamite

Phew! Massive 3 points


We are the football equivalent of pass the parcel with everyone praying they will not be responsible for having the ball when play breaks down.
These performances are largely the norm with a team and set up devoid of creativity despite having plenty skillful players in the squad.


Taylor is a limited player made to look worse in a team of little purpose or direction .
Christies assist to JF was the only time any of the Celtic midfield lifted their head in a forward direction tonight.
The McGregor /Brown axis is a disaster for our chances of fluid attacking football.

Awe Naw

That was a typical Celtic performance at New St. Mirren Park

a selection of past results

Season Date Home Score Away Competition
Wed 03 Apr St. Mirren 0 – 0 Celtic League
Wed 03 Apr St. Mirren 0 – 2 Celtic League
Sat 15 Sep St. Mirren 0 – 0 Celtic League
Fri 14 Sep St. Mirren 0 – 0 Celtic League
Sat 04 Apr St. Mirren 0 – 0 Celtic League
Fri 03 Apr St. Mirren 0 – 2 Celtic League
Sat 27 Sep St. Mirren 1 – 2 Celtic League

we often drop 2 points there .. so phew … but Why haven´t we bucked this trend over the years?
If we did not have Big Shane on LOAN possibly two point slip up again. A better eye for a pass than Jullien and Ajer. I think Shane would benefit from having Griffiths on the park for these passes.

These guys have to be the first names on the team sheet going by the past two performances
Ntcham ?

But it becomes a bit of a head scratcher filling in the gaps after that

I wish I could ascertain what tonight’s selection was aiming at so that I could at least throw some leeway in Neil’s direction. I can’t.

As I have mentioned before the almost guaranteed starters Brown, Forrest, Christie, McGregor look jaded or should I say bored. I´d like to see an experiment with none of them starting. We have lots of options but these options are seriously curtailed wIth these four starting and so far this season delivering beyond mediocre.

Full back situation is now a real concern. Forrest is not a wing back. Taylor is not a wing back. Frimpong is not a left back. Ajer is not a centre back. El Hamed seems to continually give the ball away.

Why is Kilmala being picked knowing how St. Mirren play. (see above) What exactly was the plan there ? Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to give Ajeti, Elyounoussi, Frimpong game time and give McGregor, Christie and Forrest a boot up the arse or is Brendan sniffing about ?

bada bing1

Just heard NL interview, hope he has one face for the media, and another one for the dressing room


Kenny (Hurting Hun) McIntyre to Jim (Fanny) Goodwin – “Should you have had a couple of penalties?”

Fanny – “Aye, we should be talking about VAR.”

Did anyone, not on a dodgy stream, see 2 x penalties for Fanny’s Team?


Awe Naw


when you continually lose this becomes the mindset. See Sevco manager and his reaction to the Morelos high tackle at the weekend (made in Liverpool)

p.s everybody had a dodgy stream tonight


bad bing 1,

Heard the interview. Think he’s learned from the ‘throwing under the bus’ interview.



Awe Naw,

Think some people paid the PPV so, better stream.


A thing of beauty

Woeful and a million miles away from where we need to be. I am continually baffled by the decisions Neil Lennon makes.
Back three: why change this? It takes time to bed in a defence so how about we give them that time to build an understanding before we play sevco. The less I say about Taylor the better. I could have done what he did tonight and I am not exaggerating.
Midfield: Ntcham received a lot of plaudits on here after Saturday. We all know he needs to play regularly to get the best out of him so what does Neil do? That’s right, drops him. Now mahe spoke of how Pressley said he needed to play every week as he got older and brown is the same. Now I don’t remember if Elvis was contributing as little as Brown is just now but tonight confirmed what we all can see. He is not in the team on playing merit. His booking is an example of the issue he now has. He was forced to body check a guy on the half way line because he knew he was goosed. Dear oh dear. From then on it got steadily worse. The sight of him doing a benny hill on the edge of the box as the st mirren guy cut in second half was funny, except it wasn’t. If that’s not on twitter tonight I’ll be astounded. Ryan Christie delivered two great balls tonight and won a penalty. But if you shoot all the time, take every Free kick and corner your bound to get some thing right. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. My advice to Ryan is stop playing for yourself and play for Celtic.
Up front: Edouard gets the same advice as Christie. He’s been poor since the return and was very poor tonight.
Klimala got no service at all. He needed to come on when we brought on Ajeti so his pace can exploit a team as they push forward in the latter stages of tight games.
Wrong team selection again tonight neil and you only got away with it because the opposition are poor. Sort this out or sevco will do to us again what they did last time they played us at Celtic park.

Awe Naw

Lennon told BBC Scotland: “We reacted very well to a poor start, conceding from a set play is always very disappointing.

“But our reaction was excellent and we played with real intensity in the first half and fully deserved to go in in front at half time.

Two really good goals, and then second half we dominated albeit St Mirren defended really, really low.

“We worked the ball, we tried to probe, our attitude toward scoring was great.

“We got the penalty to go 3-1 up (and that) would have put a more fair reflection on the scoreline from my point of view.

“So I’m absolutely delighted, we have used the game in hand to win and it and now we’ve closed the gap on the teams above us.

“We got into Saturday now looking forward to another good performance.”

Both goals came from headers, with Duffy heading in on a free-kick before Forrest converted a Ryan Christie cross.

Lennon said: “Shane is obviously a big threat, the delivery was fantastic and he goes and makes it happen.

He was disappointed with his role in the goal we conceded and his reaction to that was fantastic.

“Then the second goal is something we work on, those sort of balls in from the angle.

“And for James Forrest to control that header with so much pace on the cross for a totally emphatic finish – really, really pleased with that.

“In the main I’m pleased with the performance, I thought we deserved more out of the game but we didn’t get that.

“I do feel, from my point of view, the lack of atmosphere can subconsciously have a detrimental effect but we’re adapting as well as anybody.

“When you’re piling on the pressure, when you win a corner or a free-kick, when you create opportunities you get this intensity and roar from the crowd which is what we’re all missing at the minute.

So you have to understand that from the players’ point of view.

“But like I said it’s great win, great three points and we’ve made the most of the extra game.”

The result means Celtic can go top of the table against Livingston on Saturday, with Rangers not in action until the following day.

Lennon acknowledged: “It’s a game we’re very much looking forward to.

“But we know Livingston have caused us problems in the past, so we’ll have a couple of day’s recovery and we’ll focus on the game at the weekend.”

The scoreline could have been more comfortable, but Odsonne Edouard missed the first penalty of his professional career.

After the match Lennon was asked if there will be a debate among his players over who should hit the next one.

He laughed: “It’s not started yet but I imagine it’ll rumble on for a week or two!

“To be fair to Odsonne it’s the first one he’s missed and I thought Zlamal had a fine game tonight considering he’s only been here a week or so.

“It was a great penalty save, but we’ll discuss that as we go along.”

Lennon stated before the match he’d be happy if no more business is done in this window, and he was asked whether fans should expect any more arrivals.

He responded: “I don’t know, is the answer.

“I’ll speak to Nick (Hammond, sporting director) and Peter (Lawwell, chief executive) over the next couple of days.

“But like I said but if we don’t do any more business I’m delighted with the squad we’ve got.”

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Was going to pen a summary of my thoughts after tonight’s game but……….
What ATOB said!
Even more pathetic than I could have imagined.
Need to get our act/team together pronto!

Margaret McGill

So assuming the OF win all their games until they meet each other on Oct 17th I will predict that if the Huns win giving a 6point lead the SPL will continue. If Celtic win they will be thinking of calling Covid time.
Covid Covid Covid!!!!


The important thing about tonight – and I daresay it’s gonna be the same for the whole season, however long we get of it – was the full three points! I don’t think we were put thru the wringer for them but’s it’s certainly not easy on the eye, or the heart as Rebus mentioned earlier. Chalmersbhoy’s Predictor for tonight’s game was a mixture of pragtism and high hopes (me!) but I predicted 7 goals for Celtic before I knew the team. Why so many changes on the back of a decent performance on Saturday? St Mirren are on an equal footing with Ross County in the League, and play similarly, so surely our second half showing should have directed our started 11 tonight?
Klimala as a starter on League duty in Scotland doesn’t make sense for me…we have so much high possession in games he is never gonna be utilised properly. What are we expecting of him. That game, in fact nearly all our games in Scotland will be played between the halfway and the oppo’s 18. Klimala needs space to work into whereas Ajeti has proved in his limited time on the pitch he’s a predator.
It’s been said many times but Taylor unfortunately either doesn’t have it at the level we expect from him or his confidence is so low we’d be better leaving him out for his own good. I can’t remember a less effective winger for Celtic in a long time. Considering the number of times he gets the ball he does virtually nothing with it. He did play one excellent ball inside to Christie or Calmac, I can’t remember which, which was defended smartly and came to nothing. Other than that he had no meaningful attacking contribution.
El Hamed is decent, but I don’t think a three work for him, I think he’s better as an attacking full-back where he’s got cover inside. I like his aggression but tonight he showed again he’s got a lazy pass in him which can put us under pressure. I know there’ll be a couple on here who’ll say he played the ball intot he right area but as he’s done before he played it blind! Mistakes like that can and will cost us against better teams.
So that’s the three that came into the team tonight, Idon’t know what Lennon was thinking but in my years watching Celtic the best managers are those who’ve found an 11 that play the way the manager and supporters want and stick with them. We were on the right track second half Saturday I don’t think there was a need to change 3 players tonight.
But…it’s 3 points and as I said at the start that’s all that matters at the moment!


So one more goal. That’s all. I don’t ask for much

Just an EPL club,top tier and at home,v a third tier team. TBH,banker on the coupon,bearing in mind I have a wee fancy for two away teams at 11/2 and 15/8. And I’ve only put four teams on the line.

So this isn’t a “Hail Mary”,an I need some money and I’ll put my last fiver on it bet. Not at all. Had a decent weekend,in fact.

4498,because a bunchac..ts couldn’t beat a team from the third division.



Great result,shocking performance.

Mike in Toronto

Was in a mediation today, so only saw part of the game. But I would swear that I have watched that game before. Actually, I have that feeling after most games. If we are going to watch the same game ……

Celtic could save themselves a lot of money if they would sign players for 3 games, instead of a full season. Have the other team play in an all white strip. Then they could mix and match halves, and have an IT guy superimpose different strips. Mix it up a bit, and you could make a season out of them, and only pay players for three games!


Copy of Facebook Comment on PPV.

For me I think the cost to view should be the same for all games. Those at home have choice to attend (Covid notwithstanding) or watch from home. If you add the ST Income and CTV Income plus advertising revenue and contracts to national fast food suppliers they drive viewers to and divide by potential purchasers you arrive at a price per game.
I’d need to guess at income but until now PL has concentrated on the match day experience which is now shown to carry a risk not considered before.
Celtic and SPFL clubs should be considering ditching Sky. No more KOs dictated by them. Match attenders can plan to travel ahead and club(s) become pandemic proof in future.

They cannot go back to same supporters well next season without better assurances they can deliver.

Another benefit is if season were to be halted the SPFL/ Celtic would only owe themselves.

However for this to work distant viewers need to be prepared to pay more than CTV subscription.

I did in 2017 when Celtic introduced
the Overseas Season Ticket but I had to. It was my idea 🙂

Mike in Toronto


If the club raises the overseas fees too high, people will simply find other devices that allow them to get the feed on fire boxes, or that sort of thing).

But, for me, I won’t pay anything until the club stop lying, and come clean about,their partnership with Rangers. If they want to charge more, then let us watch both of the teams we support ….Celtic and Rangers.

Weet weet weet


bada bing1

Tommy Burns programme on BBC Alba 141, 9 pm. .