D-Day not Mayday!

Shoot I remember a real player shortage crisis that seen a striker needing to play central defence, and big Sutty played so well he almost kept the spot.


5 players down isn’t new at all, it’s why we have a large squad, and surely we can foresee at least two injuries at any given time due to plastic pitches plus the rough and tumble nature of the game.
Plus Mikey and James are usually injured anyway.
The squad was assembled for exactly moments like these, to be dipped into as needed.


It might be needed on paper but many would have rang the changes anyway given we haven’t gelled as a team yet this campaign. As such we won’t know exactly how much they were either holding us back or holding us together until a kinda new look side takes the field for a succession of games.
Beginning at the start of this little mini block of five games we currently find ourselves in we could then have approached this derby and a tough away tie with some games together under the belt but I guess that just wasn’t to be.
Lenny may also have wished to surprise the opponent with a total unknown quantity in Laxalt, so build up games for him may never have been part of the master plan.
Dropping someone into a huge game first thing is a bit like the traditional sink or swim but in my humble opinion the higher the calibre of player dropped in the better chance of not being fazed.
Let’s hope hes more Lubo than Mizuno then.


You won’t need me to remind you what has happened in Timland these last couple weeks regarding virus and International games, but I will be honest and say this could have been much worse.
The defence is mostly intact, and we can field a mostly starters midfield.
Those mightnt seem like much right now but could prove invaluable.


The team talk is ready, has been all week.
Why are you showing up? essentially.
That plays right into our hands for this game. Lenny would have his bhoys naturally fired up for this one, but now he has extra ammunition he won’t miss the spot.


New players an ideal chance to begin as cult heroes while saying gaffer that spots mine now.
Broony will more than want to boss his last couple clashes.
Ncham seems to turn up against them.
Big Kris will be thinking time to shine as the scouts who fancy my signature will watch this game.
Big Shane will be thinking away you go then, and stay outta my way at corners for I do fancy staying and hitting legendary status here wee man.
Big Barkas has yet to have a statement game, and we know Lurch was forced into a few against this mob, so chances are the bhoy between the sticks gets a real test and hopefully it’s one he convincingly passes.
Frimps would be the ideal one to crock early in their eyes, and he will know this.
The wee dare I say buzzbomb must be mentally ready for war.


Up top, if the rumours are true, its a double edged sword for the visitors. We have been crying out for a partnership, again Ajeti mentioned he wanted to be half of one upon signing, and just when they want an easy lone target we correctly spring the busy buddies act on them to befuddle and run ragged ideally.
The Yeti, you shouldn’t need me to point out he will go hammer and tongs to bulge the old onion bag today sensing hero status awaiting, surely a dream of every player.
And Paddy,,,this kid has something. There’s already a touch of the cult figure about him, that St Johnstone goal showed exactly the kind of drive and determination that will bring a man success at a club like Celtic.
Again, I think he would realise a starting berth in this game is not something to be squandered at all, and to impress in that berth would be laying a big claim to it plus saying to everyone it’s taken a while but I’m here now.
He may well be the most possessed man on the pitch tbh.
Griff, see Paddy but with a wee bit more to prove by way of an apology.
Odsonne, Covid-19 just did an in-depth medical which he passed with flying colours,, a huge relief.
He hasn’t looked great, many including myself mistakenly thought he was for the off, but we have our main man still and it’s really time to buckle down now on his behalf and commit fully to this historic campaign.
Is it harsh to say he owes us a performance?
Maybe yes given all he has done for us but maybe not when it certainly seemed like he wasn’t firing in all cylinders and there was no injury involved, he was unfocused.
Look why not just score a couple, smile that wide smile, and let’s put this all behind us Odsonne? Good lad.
I reckon he’s thinking something similar btw.


The dugout,,, first and foremost please remember it’s three points. Yes a defeat would leave our rivals still unbeaten but please don’t insult me or the posters by even starting to believe they are capable of an invincible season.
They will drop points, take that to the bank.
Therefore defeat is not a lost title, please don’t fall for that crap.
Points will be dropped and earned, logic dictates the biggest and best squad with the experience to match will take the crown. That’s us by the way.
A knockdown doesn’t win a fight, but winning more rounds than your opponent will. We head into the bout even in almost every way, which is exactly where both managers would have wanted to be.
Sometimes you must be careful what you wish for though.


The pressure is all on the rival dugout, who are expected to win despite being away from home, an expectation that’s rare for them. It has certainly infected their fans but if that mentality has permeated into the dressing room then all the better.
However they are facing players they have never seen play before, numerous actually, which can hardly help a mans confidence.
I’ve heard it said their right back is the only one who might grace our team yet he faces an unknown quantity and is not going to be thinking I’ll have this AC Milan player in ma pocket.
Giving Laxalt plenty of the ball with freedom to attack would be wise I believe.
That’s a lovely dilemma for their bench to figure out. A Norwegian international with pace to replace the dreadlocked one is a nice touch also, more food for thought just when it looked to be getting better.


A poor result for them after the build up and supposed weakened team they faced would be a severe slap in the face for the title hopes and confidence. Their fan base would smell the ultimate humiliation and grumble incessantly. Their support has also seen us stutter our way to this point, and after Covid, when taken with the cup final performance would have fancied some type of result from this one.
Giving Cheatin Beaton the gig made that fancy a win full stop.
And as such, it’s they who are set up for the fall. A defeat would hurt bad, so very very bad and the vitriol will follow as sure as night follows day.
Poor Cheatin won’t be at the lodge post match either, that will irk him, or save him.


Jock said only a fool would predict it, but I will hide behind the site and say sorry Sir the bloggers expect it.
Someone must stick the neck out, I’ve drawn the short straw.


Celtic probable team 3-5-2


2 -2 Big Shane and Griff.
Keeps the excitement ticking over nicely.


No matter what enjoy your weekend everyone.

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Puff puff

Got to sleep troops …good night thanks for the company ….

Puff puff

Aww what a story man

Puff puff

Did your mum die McCaff

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

nite puff puff. great story McCaff quality always lasts

Puff puff

I think you mentioned her being sick a d you visiting after work when you were a teenager

Puff puff

Sleep well nana


My old dear passed a long time ago, Puff! In ’97 at 58 years old after 15 years of illness. Too much suffering and pain for one person to go through but she had an incredible strength!

Puff puff

That’s fuckin horrible …and so young

Puff puff

She got sick at 43

Puff puff

So you were young

Puff puff

Night buddy


Yeah Puff. She was a housewife who brought us up but had plans for herself when we were old enough to look after ourselves. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to realise her own ambitions. But she had real mental strength, she dealt with everything that was thrown at her until a wee mistake on the operating table was just too much for her to deal with!!
Right guys, bedtime for me too. That was a good wee session, catch up soon bhoys!! Sleep well and stay safe, we’ve a long winter ahead!

Puff puff

Sleep well buddy …its been a hard long day but in the morning I will wake up a tim and be so grateful of everyone and everything I have , family friends and the famous Glasgow Celtic .
What else do you need .


Great Blog and comments are always a good read! Yesterday was a sore one but Its always darkest before the dawn Bhoys…

Lennon is goin nowhere so no point even discussing new managers and the board would only do it when it’s too late.

Someone needs to give Lennon a reminder how lucky he is to be in the job and what’s at stake because looking at him from the outside he looks like a junior league manager.

Time to unleash the real celtic. 4 -3-3.

Nae keeper cause their all shite!
Laxalt Duffy Julien and Ajer. Always thought Ajer would be a better midfielder or right back, doesn’t have the patience/discipline to play centre half and hes too good a player.

Any midfield 3 you want as we have millions to choose from

3 strikers. Ajeti central with eddy left and griff right.

Stop chopping and changing the team every game. Blast teams away early then make the 5 subs

Bring back the thunder!

Piece of pish this management lark 😎

The huns have a decent well drilled 1st 11 but they dont have the squad or the mental strength to cope with thu/sun football and same as last year they’re peaking too soon in my opinion while were still farting about in reverse but we’ll wait and see!

As far as I can see it’s still our league to loose! Hail Hail!



A thing of beauty

Not feeling any better almost 24 hours on. I trust the players had the same sort of sleep I did, restless. We have 3 away games in the league next, Aberdeen, Motherwell and hibs. We need nine points from that. If Neil is not going to walk away and peter lawwell isn’t going to sack him then I hope he is thinking about what changes he has to make.
First one I would say is to exert your authority. You’ve given numerous chances to Edouard, elyanoussi bitton and ntcham and they’ve all let you down. Find yourself 16 players you can trust and get a tune out them.
Coach the players. You said you don’t go for shape or tactics. That needs to change. Don’t leave it to Kennedy or Strachan, they’re clearly not up to it.
Find out why we cannot get players fit and keep them fit. Is it lifestyle or training methods?
Smarten yourself up and stand on the touch line like a manager. Stop with the trackies, it’s no like you’ve just come from the gym. Your demeanour is reflecting how we play – sloppy.
Seek out someone who you respect and speak with them everyday about where it’s going wrong. That’s clearly not anyone in your back room staff but you need to bounce off somebody.
Stop talking about getting the fans back in – it’s not happening. It’s reminding the players that they are without the fans and making them flat before they get off the team bus.

There’s a malaise around Celtic just now and it needs to be fixed. We need straight talking amongst the players, the management and the board to get us back on track. I have said I would make a change now but it’s not likely that will happen so we need to improve what we have. One thing is for sure, Neil will be hurting. I hope he comes out fighting and we see some of the old Neil Lennon. One that’s true to himself.


Afternoon all, I hope this finds you healthy and safe.
ATOB…great post and I agree. It’s time for a pow wow in the dressing room! Lenny and his staff and the players need to have a clear the air chat. It’s obvious something isn’t right and it’s got to be fixed before it’s too late.
I also think careful editing makes it look like he’s never out on the touchline…I can’t believe that’s the case!

Big Audio Dynamite

In one of the most important season’s in our history, we started it with 1! CB on our books and one on loan, Sevco have 5!

Would that mob survive us doing 10? If they cant, we won’t be allowed to win it…that right, Dermot?I

Sealed with a funny handshake!


At least the big fella is hurting as much as we are and admits he was poor V Sevco.

I’ll admit to being perplexed by his performance levels for both Celtic & Eire of late. Well below what we should expect from him.

Big and ugly enough to accept that today weren’t good enough from me personally and the team overall. I can accept the abuse towards me not the first and won’t be the last but I won’t ever give up on making it right again. It hurts today personally in such an important game for me to not play well and lose my first game for Celtic . Can only apologise to the fans for today it really hurts at the minute.


Oglach, fair enough from Duffy but I’d have much preferred him to do his job properly than apologise after the event. Schoolboy errors that Celtic made were on show at our u16 game yesterday, and I’m being completely serious about that!! When the second went in Duffy was all at sea but worse, Klimala was the furthest man back. We were all over the place!!!
As welcome as his admission of failure was we’re entitled to be disgusted at that performance yesterday, we’re owed more than an apologetic tweet.



A point which I’ve made before,and will be returning to in tomorrow’s match report. And a lot of it will reflect also some points made most eloquently by ATHINGOFBEAUTY

It’s amazing how well she can express herself in the written word,when I taught her to express herself in frankly unprintable language. There was a lot of that Chez SOLKITTS yesterday,I can tell you.



At least he had the cojones to admit he was fecking piss poor. Waiting for the apologies from Lenny and the rest of the squad, with the exception of Ajer and young Welsh – at least both of them tried.
I hope i never have to see such a spineless, disorganised effort from a team wearing the Celtic shirt again. I have seen many poor Celtic teams over the years but that shower yesterday were dreadful they made Du Wei, Scheidt and Biggins look like superstars.

Better players than Sevco – who exactly? We now have to hope that Sevco’s bottle goes again because we don’t look like we have the ‘right stuff’ this season.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, where do i start, i have seen us get humped over the years by rangers with better players than that lot yesterday, a bunch of journeymen, yet they had us in their pocket the whole game, every time mcgregor kicked or threw the ball out it went straight to a rangers player, then it was passed forward yes forward ,not back and across like we do, make no mistake they bossed that game from defense to attack, they were first to every ball, now as regards ATOBs point i agree, mr gerrard looked the part nice suit and tie, lenny looks overweight in that tracksuit and it looked untidy on screen, but I am going to give lenny some slack ,he did not look well in that interview after the game, I know he suffers from depression, maybe this covid thing is getting to him, if it is I suggest he gets time off and we bring in gordon strachan on a temporary basis ,he knows the club, now here comes the crunch peter lawwell and dermot desmond hang your heads in shame, you got what you wanted the bigot buck, you needed the famous glesca rainjurs to survive, and you got your wish, a club that was deid, has suddenly come back to life, because of you two ,I hope to god the celtic supporters realize this, and run you both out of town in the not too distant future.H.H.


I agree completely, Oglach. Fair play to the big man coming out and expressing his own dissatisfaction at his part in the defeat but his first mistake was brutal! Very poor decision making, I noticed a couple of posts last night blaming Ajer, my view is Duffy panicked and called it so badly wrong. He also has a bad habit of under-hitting passes without lifting his head, he’s put us under pressure a couple of times by doing that. So I’ll take his apology but I’d much rather we had a back line that could defend with confidence and strength.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the reply. I just think we need to get a half of this malaise before it gets too far away from us.
I too was pleased to see Duffy admit his part in our poor show yesterday but as McCaff said he needs to use it as fire going forward, I’m not sure a three suits him and maybe him and Ajer in a flat back four with el Hamed and laxalt would stiffen us up.
Good post. I think it’s the worst display in game against them in my time watching and that’s 40 years. There is such a flatness about us just now and we need to get out it quick.
Glad you had a good time at your pals but it should have been so much better. Our players and management let you and the rest of us down. We haven’t said that too often in the last nine years so let’s see if they can turn it around.


After yesterday I expect NFL will abandon the 352 and go with a more familiar back 4. We can revert to the 451 or 4231 with Edouard leading the line which would leave us with 3 top quality strikers on the bench. We could go 433 which would utilize our quality forward players but it’s a system our players are unused to and would mean a major change in style for our midfield players who could be left exposed. Leaving us with the 442 option probably in a midfield diamond. Although it’s a more orthodox formation it’s one most of our players will be comfortable with and would play to our strengths by utilising our attacking wide players and playing 2 strikers up top. This football management malarkey is a piece of piss. Hh



Big Audio Dynamite

In their bid to have competion, how far are the PLC willing to go? (Or should that be low?)
Forego the 10 as it would threaten Sevco’s very existence?
We are at 9iar again and should be happy, but you don’t need to be a business man or football manager to see something is out of kilter here.
Remember, we ARE dealing with the OLD FIRM, the only real money to be made in Scotland, and we are fully card carrying members of it, and have been for a century! Think these mega rich men behind the scenes give a shit about us or silly wee records?

And I don’t give a shit how many people say they are tims, I’ll bet everything I have none of them feel how I do today! servo couldn’t join us at the summit, so we scurried back down to meet them!

Absolutely pig-sick


In addition to the lack of tactical nous yesterday there appeared to be a complete lack of cohesion and desire. Success can breed complacency.


Big Audio Dynamite.

In one of the most important season’s in our history, we started it with 1! CB on our books and one on loan, Sevco have 5!

Would that mob survive us doing 10? If they cant, we won’t be allowed to win it…that right, Dermot?I

Sealed with a funny handshake!

Normally I would not comment on the thought that the dependency on the “Old Firm Business Model” could be a factor at play in what occurs on the park.

However the more Res12 dug, the harder it is to say that keeping a perception of competition has no bearing whatsoever on what we saw yesterday.

Competition is a factor to bear in mind for without competition any league is a series of friendlies where support dwindles in face of other competitive activity. So to keep folk coming back there has to be an element of competition, and if there is not then there has to be the illusion of it.

What took place from 2010 onwards can be read on the Res12 Archive but what it suggests is that the codependency caused by the belief that only Rangers can offer real competition has a major influence on Celtic’s business policy when it comes to recruitment.

It’s not just the wages that constrain who we sign as players or managers but avoiding a reduction in domestic competition that plays a part in ensuring the gap between Celtic and Rangers never becomes unbridgeable.

If you look at the pattern of Celic’s business behaviour from 2012 we have never used the financial advantage Fergus originally provided to make us more wage competitive with Rangers that swung the balance our way to put Celtic way beyond Rangers reach. Quite the reverse.

Celtic may even well have been prepared to sacrifice CL entry in 2011 to avoid Rangers going to the wall which happened anyway when sporting karma intervened in the shape of Malmo and Maribor.

Such a thought would rightly be viewed as preposterous but it is given credence by Celtic’s stubborn and inexplicable opposition to UEFA investigating events in 2011.

Inexplicable unless you go down the competitive codependency road. That might explain for example Celtic’s failure to push for domestic FFP since 2012 for that would reduce Rangers competitiveness in relation to ourselves if it put a realistic limit on unaffordable spending, particularly when that spend is to get CL money that makes it affordable.

We are in danger of entering exactly the same toxic conditions for us that arose in 2011. Insanity covers it.

I will also say that in spite of the impression Celtic have projected at being dissatisfied with SFA on Rangers ebt use and the LNS Decision, the 5 Way Agreement tells a different story.

There are codependent relationships where one partner is prepared to accept let’s call it improper behaviour of another to keep the benefits of the codependency going and Celtic are in one along with the support.

It is a question of do we really want to remain there and forsake the true joy of supporting amongst ourselves of winning or losing or drawing?

Why is 10iar so important? If it is stopped does that mean those supporting Rangers are better than us or vice versa if 10iar is achieved?

Football results are not a reflection of the intrinsic value of the individual supporters of their clubs , that is to put self value into the fate of a bouncing ball causing the perception of that value to bounce up and down when it is in fact a constant. We all have equal worth.

Having said all of that it is only human nature to get angry at a professional footballer passing the ball out of play when not under pressure but at the end of the day that is all part of the illusion of competition that pays those projecting it very well, but at a cost to what really matters in our lives. Valuing each other and behaving accordingly.

Margaret McGill

Reading your post I decided I would give a whirl and try and answer about the current malaise. Got carried away 🙂

For 17 years Lawwell has set up a process where he picks the squad based on his financial judgements.
He is what happens when an accountant is given CEO dictatorial powers in any PLC.
There may be some feedback from the managers Celtic have had but ultimately its irrelevant.
I suspect Brendan Rodgers attempted to address this puzzling issue, was probably lied to by Lawwell and when the penny dropped fucked off pronto a la mode de MON/WGS.
Cue the 17 year well oiled Lawwell machinery (BR traitor, dont fuck with “the man”, cue the happy clappers and the Timternet (CQN cocksuckers for example).

Consequently, the squad is continuously out of balance and out of whack, anyone up for sale, and essentially Lenny is a lapdog. (Needs the job, needs the money, cheap, wont get hired anywhere else(Hibs, Bolton legacy), not really a good man motivator which is essential these days.
No hiring process. Give it to him in the showers after the cup win. Maybe has an alcohol problem etc)

So what you get is a Celtic in disarray on the field like yesterday.(Not a shot on goal apparently)
I didn’t watch it but I’ve watched 7 games so far this season. Yes I don’t live in Scotland what can I say?

The players have no respect for him. No tactics. Bad attitude. Everyone in the shop window.
Training is probably based on “ah so what”, one of them will do something on the day. Eddie maybe.
Probably the scars go further in that some players are deliberately not being played due to dressing room and back room politics.

I have been saying for more than 10 years that Celtic PLC’s Modus Operandi is:

1. Nice Turnover
2. EPL Fodder
3. Europe if yer lucky
4. Whit are the huns daen.

This worked well for the master manipulator and liar and when hun cheating hubris and corruption spilled out into England we all thought that was the death knell for Scotland’s Vanguard Scum club via HRMC in 2012. Downfall and all that hype. A generation of domination.
He probably couldn’t believe his luck.
His business continuity plan however was still based on 1-4 above. He knew 3 would never happen
so to boost 1+2, which we have been doing ever since, he indirectly cultivated them back via the Old Firm lie.

DD approved.
Check out res12.
Hence 4.

Now they are back with a vengeance. The generation of domination lasted 6 years. I dont know where the huns are getting their money from but its probably the same old power, corruption and lies.

I honestly do not see Celtic being allowed to win 10iar even if they could. Politically, culturally, financially and treachery. If not these then Covid. I cant see it. Either way Lawwell has already engineered his escape
(Read the small print in all the AGMs)

When I look around the world I see the same type of parasites everywhere.
The game is rotten to the core.
Scotland is just a microcosm of it.
This is why I hope Covid obliterates this sport globally.
Its like watching a friend die of terminal cancer you just want it over with.

I am convinced no matter what happens in the years to come any Glasgow Celtic retrospective will prove that the greatest treachery and backstabbing in the history of Celtic will be this PLC.


Big Audio Dynamite.

Just saw your later post but I think I covered your original in my long reply.

Res12 unknowingly has lifted a lid that reveals a mirror inside the box.


Been Counters by their nature tend to be safe, conservative and obsessed with the bottom line. They are not strategists, forward/lateral thinkers or risk takers which maybe explains why we are where we are today and not one of European footballs powerhouses.


Margaret McGill 4.19.

I very much empathise with you.

Once you strip away the deception, which as you say goes far wider than football, you are left with the truth.

What will happen then will be interesting.

All I’ll say from experience is that what emerged was a much better existence in the way of the light than (with the benefit of hindsight) was a darkness before. I hope for the same for Celtic and the world once the truth prevails.

On Res 12 I was told in 2014 or 2015 that Res12 was discussed between DD and PL and the latter said dont worry about it, once Rangers return it will be forgotten about or words to that effect.

On hearing that we put out a shake the tree message on CQN. I cannot tie down the period but you probably read it.


The character of our CE is a major factor in many of the negative events that have happened at the club during his tenure but this has tended to be overlooked by most supporters blinded by the bling of trophies and share holders obsessed by profit margins.


Seen a few comments on tim sites saying that WGS should be brought in as an advisor to or as temporary manger to replace Lenny. Please no – do we not remember the bore fests that his teams produced, imagine Lenny’s sideways tactics coupled with WGS’s ‘yawnathon’ footballing style. We need a young innovative manager — another Brendan type a student of modern football and tactics.


It would appear that the toxicity at the top has permeated throughout the club and is now affecting our playing staff.


A fine post
Every picture tells a story
Ntcham is possibly thinking, what you worried about Welshy, we still get paid.


You mean like Slaven Bilic who wanted the job yet seen his application unopened and has gone on to show his quality since?
No chance.
Pliable only or it soon ends poorly. That’s our modus operandus for 15 years.
That counts out a lot of folk who rightfully determine they should make the decisions they will be judged on or at least approve of the decision structure they must work under.

Hail Hail


Anyone looking for a change in direction.
Are Fenians classed as an underrepresented group.
Police Scotland are currently recruiting people from all backgrounds. To encourage applications from underrepresented groups we will also be holding an online recruitment information event aimed at BME communities on 3rd November 2020.
See below for more info https://t.co/dmWnGEX6NA



I was not going to post on here for a while because I am sick of the current situation at the club…….a seeing impaired person could see the result from yesterday coming. With few exceptions(Hibs?), it has been there all season. However, your post is so on the money that I have to add my congrats on your assessment of the situation.

The manager’s post match interview contains the kernel of the problem, unfortunately! We lost two goals that we should not have; we missed a sitter when it might have changed the game; after the second goal the game got away from us. Notice the underlying theme…….Passing the buck onto the players. No wonder a lot of them will not play a bit extra for the manager. NL’s focus is all on effects not causes. Until that changes, performances will be spotty. The real issues include the following: why is there not a consistent formation for the team? Why do we not create a fair number of chances per game? Why can we not defend high crosses into the box? Finally, why does Sevco have our number over the last few games we played them? There are other issues but my point is that they are all management and or coaching issues. Putting out a wrong formation, shuffling players in and out of the team, switching players positions, changing formations…….all create situations where players will make mistakes. It is not difficult to see what the problems are. What I find difficult to accept is that the real issues are self inflicted!

If we did not have the players to compete domestically or in Europe, I’d say fair enough, let’s make the best of it. Support the team through it. However, that is not the case. We have a very good squad, and, with the exception of the keeper, it has been improved this season. How they are being coached on and off the field is a disgrace. It is not even second rate…..as witnessed when we struggle to overcome teams of the quality of Riga, Sarajevo, StJ, St Mirren etc.

As the Beauty says the current management team needs to be changed, even at the risk of the league. Otherwise we are merely maintaining failure. Asking NL to become a different manager from what he has been all his career is a non starter. Bringing in someone like Gordon Strachan to advise on formation and flow of game might work if it was accepted by NL. However, I suspect it would not be tolerated because he would wonder what his new role would be….He would be irrelevant and occupying an empty chair until the end of the season.

Nope, it is a shambles and the only hope is, like last season, Sevco implode. Is that a way to run a progressive football club? Until NL and his team are out, that is where I shall be. I do not wish to watch something that I love commit suicide.

Again, ATOB, a great post! Wish I had said it so succinctly!


Big Audio Dynamite

Haven’t watched English football for years but watched10mins of the Merseyside Derby. The pace of the game was lightning, the play smart and positive and the overall standard?, well let’s just say we are about a million miles away now.

So the future for us is not just bleak, it’s depressing! Fancy rolling around in the dirt with a Zombie for another 100 years? The club has lost(Sold) it’s soul, can we ever get it back?

Has the outcome of this season already been decided?

The Gombeen Man

The death of Rangers was really about the death of the Old Firm.

The Old Firm can’t die for a number of reasons. Some financial others are more to do with the established order.

Don’t be distracted by talk about tactics or coaches.

Top professional coaches have different ambitions to the priorities and agenda of the Plc.

That’s why Pedro looked so uncomfortable when Brendan arrived.

When it comes to Celtic we all think with our emotions.

Look at the efforts behind the scene to scam you. Res 12 highlights that.

The footage of the demeanor of the players leaving the hotel yesterday looked like convicted prisoners boarding a bus at the High Court for Barlinnie.

Neil is a good guy. A damaged guy. He has suffered considerably at the hands of Old Firmism.

Don’t forget he was suspended at Hibs with Garry Parker and then Mutually Consented in January 2019 in relation to complaints from players.

He stepped up for us (Feb 2019) and delivered but the permanent job is beyond him, unfortunately.

The scenario was similar to Everton. Duncan Ferguson stepped in. Delivered a few results but Duncan wasn’t given the permanent role. A professional was recruited with a professional staff…

Duncan stayed on after the appointment of Anchelotti…(similar to Tommy with MoN.)

In 50 years of watching football I’ve never seen a coach tell an injured player to F*** O** (Mickey Johnson).

Possibly they’ve tried to do Neil a favour but it’s beyond him and another example of poor judgement.

The real damage is in the 5WA.

Yesterday was a great result for the toxic Taig-Hun axiom.

A thing of beauty

I find it makes me sad and angry in equal measure that I cannot refute anything you have both said. The decision to appoint Neil and take us from a position of dominance to where we are now cannot be explained in any other way, especially when you factor in that lawwell said they didn’t even look at any other applications for the job. I can only hope that at the end of this season we see a complete sea change in the thinking within the boardroom and lawwell is so ashamed of what we have become that he walks away.
Thanks for the reply. It is so sad where we find ourselves and the fact that it is one of our heroes and a club legend that is the front man for our demise is making it hurt more.


On Lennys demeanour etc,
I do find it in bad taste to discuss a persons weight as after all we didn’t choose our genes plus he fought it during his career so has earned the right not to worry about it now in my humble opinion.

The tracksuit, sitting isolated looking grumpy, bloodshot eyes, picking the teeth etc all point to an unhappy man I believe and I worry about him to be honest.
I don’t think the players have taken to him after being elevated by a modern day professional Rodgers approach.
No fans hasn’t helped either I believe.

His opposite number was in constant communication with his coaches yesterday and clearly listened intensely to Beale. He trusts and respects him, that’s obvious. He should because he is good, they are well coached and know their job. Neil is isolated in this respect. If JK or GS felt close to him they would be getting closer and offering advise when we need a change. They fact they dont and everyone keeps their distance and council tells me there isn’t much friendship or trust there.
Lenny is alone in this I think.

ATOB is correct in that he should take personal steps to get involved in the coaching etc, and really try to get a tune here, however what if that has failed? I mean as a non tactician how much can he really offer them.on the training ground?
And then when one looks at the run of games we have coming up there actually isn’t that much time to be spent on the actual training ground. Three games a week doesn’t leave much room at all.
So right when we could use real coaching we may not have it or the time for it!?

While I have railed against the PLC for years it must be said that the buck must stop with the manager when you see basic mistakes happening regular and a lack of fight.
The motivator unable to motivate fit the biggest game yet?
How could that happen especially when Broony is Captain who should echo him?
Both of them couldn’t fire up the troops?
That’s very worrying. Very worrying, because that’s the main weapon gone, with little backup left.

I wrote last might we should start playing three strikers with the aim of outscoring everyone and I still believe that. It would at least be fun to watch hopefully.
If a string of bad results occur, quite possible given the run of fixtures we have, or no sign of cohesion by Christmas then I’m afraid we shall see the Lurgan man unseated.
John Kennedy will not cut it one bit as his replacement and should be moved on also imo.

They say the bookies rarely get it wrong so for them to swing so emphatically after that to post odds of 2/1 favourites for the Ibrox men is eyebrow raising, and worrying.

However as some say, it’s no surprise. The Old Firm counts on sharing the trophies. One side won’t play ball if always the beaten half.
This had to happen ‘for the good of Scottish football’. It won’t be long until we are told when either half of the divide is successful we are both the winners.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

How many managers have we had who actually identified signings and picked the team on a Sat?


The Hammers score an absolute screamer with the last kick of the ball to come back from 3-0 against Spurs to equalise scoring their 3 goals in the last 10 mins.

big packy

MAHE, with respect no one is complaining about lennys weight, thats up to him, but would it not be nice to put a collar and tie on in a ,no im not going to say an old firm derby, because the old firm do not exist,.H.H.

Awe Naw

By David Walton Feb 26 2020

One of the highlights of the season so far has been Celtic’s away record under Neil Lennon.

If there’s one thing Lenny knows outside of how to win Premiership titles, it’s how to take this Celtic side to tough venues in Europe and do a job.

So far this season, Celtic have played eight European away matches. Only one of them has ended in defeat. Even that one – against Cluj in December – came when Celtic played a shadow side after already topping their Europa League group.

Celtic have left Sarajevo, Nomme Kalju, Cluj, AIK, Rennes, Lazio, and Copenhagen without losing this season. Four of those matches have seen us come away victorious too. The notable highlight victories came in AIK and Lazio. The others against Sarajevo and Nomme Kalju.

Quite incredibly, those four European victories that Lennon managed actually took Rodgers three campaigns to achieve. Rodgers took charge of 21 European trips during his time at Parkhead. He only managed to win a grand total of five. His fourth came in a 3-0 Champions League qualifying win in Alashkert in July 2018.

That Alashkert win came in his 14th away match as Celtic manager in Europe. Lennon secured his fourth in Lazio in only his sixth away match. Therefore, it took Rodgers eight more trips to get to the same number, and he needed a third campaign to do it.

If Lennon manages to beat Copenhagen and reach the last-16, he’ll get another shot at another Euro trip. Another away-day win and he’ll reach the entire total of away wins that Rodgers achieved during his three Euro campaigns in Glasgow.

Granted, Rodgers initially had trips against the likes of Man City and Barcelona during his time here. But he also had games against Lincoln Red Imps, Astana (x2), Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Borussia Monchengladbach, Suduva, and AEK Athens which came and went without victories.

That’s no real slight on Rodgers though. Winning away from home in Europe is an incredibly difficult thing to do. That’s been proven in the past under Ronny Deila, Tony Mowbray, and Gordon Strachan. Even Martin O’Neill had the odd blip. Strachan didn’t win a single one of 13 away games – losing 12 of them.

It’s just another sign of some of the great work that’s been done this season. The idea that we could have potentially the same number of away wins in one year than our entire previous three beforehand is incredible.

Massive credit to Lennon for this. One defeat in eight, and that one defeat may not have happened if there was something to play for. Brilliant stuff.