Deals Galore

Over my dead body will this site be dominated by talk of the team in blue who happen to play out of Ibrox.
However, and I beg your understanding when it does happen, sometimes needs simply must.


Accounts published at tea time on a Friday generally do not deliver good news. Wednesday is day for that, dominate the rest of the week.
A Friday night release screams ‘nothing to see here, ahem’.


You will know by now they lost the guts of 15 million in one trading year, and that’s with shares being issued in lieu of debt.
Fifteen in one year for a team in Scottish football is an eye watering figure,, its the amount of total debt I might expect a club to carry, certainly not the figure of one years trading but here we are.


Almost daily Auldheid shows the patience of a saint in pursuing then updating the interested support of how ‘his baby’ is doing, yet here we are staring a new event in the face. Imagine more than one Res12 being needed ffs!


Imagine no longer, those figures scream ‘We need the league’ or more importantly the automatic Champions league spot and its accompanying riches. Something they are on target for.


That fact is out there now, and they do have enablers, just think back to 2012s honest mistakes for instance, or the different Covid standards shown recently.


And then we have Phils report they have struck a deal with the tax man.


Its happening again, right in front of us.
Our rule abiding, social taxes paying club is being pipped to the post by a debt laden entity. Again.


That’s the guts of a hundred mill the have lost to get here, Lord knows where they get it and I ain’t speculating in public.


So when Res12 originally didn’t capture the supports attention enough to make a big difference, pulling the same play again might just help open some eyes.


From afar it looks as if the support accepted a Sevco in the main because of the banter and the desire for a strong rivalry.
But asking them to accept the same again, now that would be quite an assumption.


Make no mistake that’s where we are headed, the same again. As mentioned there are deals being done to keep the wolf from the door.


‘Deals being done’.
That phrase should never ever have entered footballs vocabulary. A signed promise to adhere to the published rules of whatever given sport should be enough, when ‘deals’ start getting done you are in trouble.


What if every team who learnt of HMRC being keen to deal, stopped paying right now then asked to sit done and work something out?
They would be told where to go, prosecuted, and castigated by the fourth estate for their noncompliance.


Only one team can get away with this. Let’s not forget the then First Minister himself Alex stepped in to try and broker a truce between Hector and Stevies mob, and that tradition has just been repeated by wee Jimmie Krankie turning a blind eye not only to Covid parties ala second yellow card, but now one of her nations most well known companies playing fast and loose with Hector, again.


I don’t believe its true to state only one team could stop this, as Cowiebhoy started why aren’t Aberdeen and Hibs up in arms?
But I do believe its true if we got involved this would be easier to stop.


When I look down south I dont see deals being done. None of the big five leagues go down that route. ‘You want to play here are the rules’ seems to be the mantra elsewhere.


It’s ‘deals being done’ this time, Res12 last time, honest mistakes before that etc that stop me from bringing anyone into the fold. Great business eh.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that gets Scottish football scraps compared to elsewhere. If it can’t be a serious league it can’t demand serious money.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that will make folk decide the next generation are better off without this, and not introduce them.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that once upon a time we expected our own Club to get furious about and attempt to destroy the deal.making body from within. That was a dream.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that drives what few supporters the worst backwater league in Europe has away.


And when none of this is challenged by the leagues biggest club with its majority shareholder a very rich and powerful man, a man who is all about the money, then one simply must ask,,
Has a deal been done? Would it surprise you?


It’s transfers deals we should hear of, not social taxes deals.
This needs to end.


Enjoy the game.

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If the board (DD & PL) decide to mutually consent Lenny it will be a scapegoating exercise after their mistake in appointing him in the first place and then what ? ‘Plus ca change, plus cest la meme chose’ Hh

Craig 76

You forgot to put St Johnstone v Motherwell on the predictor I assume you would of put 1 all 😀😀

Gordon64 B100dy Sunday- The GAA Remembers

A thing of beauty

Craig 76
Just about sums up my day. First Celtic were shit, second hull failing to beat Accrington lost me £700 and now you have confirmed my senility to the blog. I would of course not picked 1-1 because let’s face it my other decisions today have been crap.
Time for my bed. Best watch I don’t fall up the stairs

Gordon64 The Tones-Come out ya Black and Tans



Hull failing to lose in Leeds earlier this season cost me £4500!

We are gonna have to stop hitting the post!!!


It’s not too often it happens, but for the second time today, I can’t agree.
I can’t see anything like one half of customers glasses being half full.
Some on blogs, today and on Twitter who never say anything negative about Celtic, saying time for Neil to go.
One or two, really surprised me.
What tier was that pub in? LOL.

I think he will go and with my thanks but only if someone better is available.

I’m not so its downhill from there.

Seriously sometimes shit happens but had he started with the team that finished (apart from Ntcham) I think the pub narrative would be different.

David Potters match report was in line with my thinking.

All the right notes, not necessarily in the right order.

Gordon64 The Tones-Some Say the Devil is Dead

bada bing1

I think it’s fair to say, there has been something not right from the start of the season, and we are seeing a malaise setting in, the longest ever Transfer Window, should have seen guys out the door, if they wanted to go.We’re not all on the same page as a team on and off the park,as far as I can see. Many said the biggest threat to 10 OAR,was Celtic, and its looking that way.


There is a difference between individual mistakes and consistent mistakes.
Bitton on the 2nd goal was consistent in his allowing an opponent to get goal side.
Has it ever been addressed or has he been played in a position where this behavior becomes less costly ?
Most of the goals we concede are similar.
Having a defense stand and admire their keepers penalty mistake rather than back him up and clear rebound is typical of a poorly coached team not understanding their responsibilities.
It is equally evidence of a bunch of players not doing as they were coached.

Bitton does get wrong side. Has he been coached not to? If he has who is at fault?

I’m not defending NL I’m saying it isn’t all down to him and it has been individual errors that have been costly when we are in control. I mean simple ones like a bad six yard pass, losing a ball when it should have been won, not hitting row Z when coming back from 3-2 away. It is that which rips my knitting when watching and I dont shout LENNON FFS why havent you coached him better. More like FFS El Hamed why did you let that ball bounce?

Its just how I see it, you see it different, does not make either of us right or wrong.


Noel Skytrot
I respectfully disagree. Do we have players that can win this league, yes. Do they look like winning it, no. I try not to get to worked up over the performances but what’s on display so far simply does not suggest that we can go on a strong run of winning games, but as you state it’s all about what the individual perceives. HH
I’m not sure we do actually. I think we have good enough players. I don’t think the best are starting and hopefully when they do we will start to look like winning.

The Real McCoy

Craig 76
I see you noticed ATOB forgot to predict 1result.
Did you no notice I forgot to predict 6 games 😂.
I was watching the horses then the game and totally forgot 🤪. Not that I’m claiming I would have got any correct ( especially us)🤬
Was having a kinda ATOB day. One of my horses was clear at the last , clipped it and lost momentum. Beaten a neck.
So I’m in the huff watching our game and the son- in/ law txts a humdinger of a winning bet👍🏻
Perfect Candidate, same as VP. I’ve got that on my line so a winner at last. I then had Wonderwall (Thought Garry would have picked that) for a decent double.🙏🏻
In fact ( deja vu) had 3 winners 3 placed in my ITV7. Only horse not to show? My SC nap ffs.
Some you win, some you lose. Ce La Vie 😜

Got my candles 🕯 lit in memory of the 14 lost souls murdered 100 years ago on the original Bloody Sunday in Croke Park.
May they Rest In Peace 🙏🏻


CB The British Govt was our foe then and is our foe now. HH

The Real McCoy

Chalmersboy 👏🙏🏻
14 Voices From The Bloodied Field.
One to put aside for when you have the time.
It’s the full tribute 3hours +.
Commemoration of Bloody Sunday 1920.


Bobby Sands MP Allowed to die in a British jail by a British Govt


Auldheid, It’s the contents of the glass where the problem lies not how full it is. I for one will not sip anything from that glass. I have a full glass of Glenlivet in front of me. I know a quality product when I see one. Slainte.

Gordon64 Glen Campbell-Gentle on my mind


Peoples own mp.


Cheers for the link will watch tomorrow


One of my all time fav.


CB Good stuff mate. The British Govt is devoid of any semblance of integrity or authority to rule another nation and is vulnerable to claims of independence on the Ireland of Ireland and by Scotland. In other words its fu#ked HH

Gordon64 The Corries-Ye Jacobites by name

Margaret McGill

When all ideals morals and values are systematically reduced to their de facto corporate financial equivalence then you get a political party with no philosophy other than fucking you over for money for example British Tories and American republicans. Same with Celtic. Need to drop the holy Willie Walfred and Lisbon nostalgia


From wings..


One one for you…


CB Cheers mate 👍 HH


For those under oppression.


Aztec camera and Mick Jones


I know we are all down at the moment with our team’s performances,whether it’s the players or management.
If the Huns win the morra we 11 points behind,but have 2 games in hand.
If we win those and other ones it’s down to 5
Beat them at ipox it’s 2
Is all this possible? Of course it is.!
Who is to say with certainty that they won’t drop points before the derby game or after!!
Its what we do from now
I’m an optimist,nothing is lost till it is lost
New manager…
Who? When?
I also know that NFL time has come,but I will.hope and pray that we/he will succeed to win the 10.
A lot of football still to be played.
Got to play 2 up front…


We should have won yesterday. Basic errors cost us dear. There seems to be a lack of spirit in the team. Needs addressed urgently. Do our board really want to?
Mags, I’ve disagreed with you a few times over the years, because I was sure that our board would never collude in such a thing as the 5WA. But it now seems very probable that they are in neck deep. They would even give up the 10 on the OF altar. For the sake of £10m pa.
Surely now, if there is blatant financial chicanery going on at Ibrox, Celtic must , in their own shareholders’ interests, demand a full investigation. Hector, i.e. all of us, cannot be expected to fund a transfer splurge in the midst of a pandemic. How low can they get, btw? Sevco’s accounts are conveniently late, but legal because the Govt has cut firms some slack in reporting obligations during the crisis. That should not be carte blanche for them to overspend beyond their means.
Celtic’s treatment of the Res12 guys has been disgraceful. As I discussed with one of them on the day of that AGM in 2013, wtf have Celtic to hide? It looks that, whilst not signatories, Celtic agreed to the 5WA. UNFORGIVABLE!
We cannot continue to fund this.

Gordon64 Brendan Gleeson remembers Bloody Sunday

Big Audio Dynamite

So you want to be elsewhere then, Ryan? That would explain why you have been playing for yourself all season …you little selfish bastard! But, that doesn’t explain why he was given responsibility for ALL our dead ball situations! What fucking sense does that make? That’s before you take into account, he is absolutely shit at it!

Big Audio Dynamite

Those in Celtic world, who have been tasked with controlling the narrative for DD + PL, are gonna have to work overtime this season, eh lads! You know who you are. Playing your part in fucking over your own, you must be so proud of yourselves, eh!?

Remember but, KARMA misses no one …you’ll get your dose!


Bitton and Frimpong stand there as Bain saves the penalty.


Awe Naw


None of the two of them are defenders.

bada bing1

14/1 Aberdeen says it all, Cosgrove to get booked early to nullify any goal threat

Gordon64 Desert Island Discs-Arsene Wenger


Bad Afternoon All 😡


Awe Naw. 11.57.
Yes and it shows.
Also after it Bitton and a few others were pointing finger at Frimpong, Button is as culpable.
A few had said Murphy was encroaching but look where Ajer is, he’s ahead of Murphy unfortunately for him, the ball didn’t bounce in his direction.


The saddest part of it all is not just the greedy B’s on our board but the traitors in the cyber world who have enabled and facilitated them..
They should start their own Mo Johnston CSC.

Big Audio Dynamite

Those that do the board’s bidding are out in force today, reminding you to direct your anger at the players and the manager.


Big Audio Dynamite

Fan, there are some who are so obviously doing the board’s bidding, I’m amazed everyone can’t see it! People like P67, telling others to direct all their ire at the players and manager first. I’d love to see that site emptied, and everyone to tell him why.

I wasn’t aware NL had anything to do with the 5wa! While everyone concentrates on the manager’s position, the real enemies sits laughing and counting their massive bonuses.

Snakes on a playing field!

bada bing1

Make it 12 points clear, with the goal difference…

The Gombeen Man

Dermot Desmond to has has never hidden his admiration for Rangers and the Old Firm. The Old Firm is about the domination of the minority and the maintenance of the establishment. Support of the Old Firm is acceptance of dominance of the toxic established order.

That’s why nothing changed. That’s why the Board say very little. That’s why Sevco are top of the league. That’s why financial fair play is a misnomer.

It makes money, bloats inflated egos and opens doors. Buying any product of the Plc contributes to the slavery of the Old Firm.

The Old Firm is about division, dominance and control. It’s too big to be allowed to fail.

That’s why we are where we are.

Celtic Plc are a part of the establishment that marginalises the poor and underprivileged.

We’re like a mass produced, synthetic piece of cheap furniture. Chipboard or cheap laminate if you like.

A parody of what we think we are. As authentic as Paddy Power or green milkshakes in McDonald’s on Paddy’s Day.

Celtic aren’t what it says on the tin. The Plc mindset is incoherent with the Celtic ethos. So are secret 5W agreements, Tory board members and the nauseating profit before people priorities of Lawwell and Desmond.

The disdain of the Plc for the support is mirrored by disrespect shown to the players and ex staff members.

We are led by people who just aren’t Celtic people. They are greedy, incompetent and dishonest.

The prevailing Culture and Cause at Celtic Park is self-centered greed and waste.

Under Desmond and Lawwell’s watch Celtic have developed a grotesque mindset, obsessed with money. We are what we profess to abhor.

Neil Lennon will be thrown under the Parks of Hamilton bus when they think it is the best time to hawk Season Books for next season.

That’s the only calculation.

When it’s the best time to market next season,
a new guy will be unveiled to “put Celtic back in our rightful place.”

Where did we hear that recently?

It’s a con.

Just like Dossiergate was a ruse to sell SBs at Ibrox and all the wasted years – treading water with projects and punts under Pedro’s duplicitous stewardship.

As long as they continue to successfully divide us into Huns and Taigs, they are in control…Douglas-Ireland Park and Dermot will continue to enjoy quiet, cosy moments in their Tax Exiles.

Gibraltar, Switzerland, Bermuda?

It doesn’t matter.

Just keep coughing up.



I’ve just written tomorrow’s article,and I can assure you that it points the finger at the players. Not only for yesterday,but for their performances over the season so far. But I saved some of the blame for elsewhere too. Just the kinda caring sharing guy I am…

Ayrshire Bhoy


Players most certainly take a portion of the blame but you can’t sack 20 players. Will go same way as Jose at Chelsea, win the league followed by turgid start to following season Jose gets his jotters.

Ayrshire Bhoy

Forgot to add Jose gets his jotters players suddenly find form again. Unpalatable for sure but it happens all the time