Cock-ups and Conspiracies


Must admit,I’ve had better weekends. It didn’t start very well in Paisley,and yesterday’s results indicate that we are in a battle for this title.

How did it come to this? Double Treble winners on an open top bus to being unable to beat a team who parked it in front of goal. I mean,it’s not like our personnel or tactics have changed much,is it?

Or is that a clue,right there? To stand still in football is to go backwards. Nothing that I’ve seen this season so far inspires the sort of joy and delight that I’ve experienced in most of my 50+ years of hooooopiness.

We need to click,and we need to do it very soon.

Of course,there are other factors at play here,and let’s not ignore them. We are,once again,being refereed differently. To explain the effect this can have,we are not firing on all cylinders,and the referees are tinkering with our spark plugs. Meantime,they happily offer their favoured teams a tow or a jump-start.

Look at the yellows Ntcham received on Friday. Compare and contrast the behaviour of Lafferty-twice!-and Naismith,to name but two. Look at the behaviour of the Compliance Committee when it comes to dealing with certain players.

For once,it’s not just us. Steve Clarke showed a pair sadly lacking at Celtic Park. And Aberdeen have just done the same-read their statement here.


So are we in line for more honest mistakes? The powers-that-be definitely smell blood,and they’ll certainly go for it while they can. I’m indebted to e-Tims and Paul Larkin for the catalogue of rank bajin cheating we had to put up with as hunnery closed ranks to keep their ¬†favourites infused with CL money.

Fifty Honest Mistakes-Why Ten In A Row Matters

Ill have to post Paul’s film at the end of this article due to editing problems it causes this Luddite,but you must watch it. Took me ages to find it as it has been pulled by most hosting sites. On whose orders,I wonder.

Next up,we have the realisation by SFA that even they are embarrassed by recent compliance adjudications. Their response has,hilariously,been to blame a recent rule change,citing unfamiliarity with the rule book and certain words like brutality.

Cant be that recent,they were in force here when John Terry was playing for Chelsea.

More importantly-and this is the best laugh-rule changes like this are only brought in at the behest of IFAB and a 75% majority

The composition of IFAB is here

As you can see,SFA is one of five members who decide on these changes. FIFA and the four UK-based associations,no-one else. Which means that the SFA are asking for clarification on a rule change which they helped introduce!

Or maybe they are just covering their collective arses,because here’s a thought…

Those ex-referees on the Compliance Committee have proven themselves to be incapable of impartial judgement. Does anyone think that they were any different on the pitch a few years back?

Watch Paul’s video and judge for yourself

Guest article by majoc