Flat Track Bullies and a Puncher’s Chance.


It’s never easy writing an article after a bad result,and that was definitely a bad result. But then,Fergus McCann always liked to remind us that it is not always easy being a Celtic supporter,but it is always worthwhile. And I’ll tell you something else,this mineshafting lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either-where’s the pleasure in being miserable when you’re right-because we’ve been beaten as forecast-and miserable when you’re wrong-because nobody likes to be wrong,even if the team win?!!!

I declared myself quite satisfied with the window just gone,as it filled a couple of immediate holes in the team,although I pointed out that it largely left the problems in defence untouched. Well,I was having a cyber-blether with Tooting Tim last night-I really must pop over for beer with him and the troops soon!-and he made a point about our defence that I had somehow overlooked.

Yes,Toljan is new to the side,we all knew that. But the others have been around for a while,and even Scott Bain has been racking up the appearances for us. But how often had ANY of them played together? And as a unit I think this was only the second time. That looked allover the case as they looked allover the place on a few occasions,not just the goals. They weren’t defending as a unit,weren’t playing to a line. The Valencia forwards couldn’t believe their luck as our defenders were continually caught out of position,or in possession,daydreaming or simply “having an off night”

All at the same bloody time,just our luck!

I made the point to THE EXILED TIM during the previous article that our players weren’t passing to the opposition,it just looked that way! In Scotland,we are used to having our opponents playing on the back foot,crowding their area with successive banks of four or five. What we are NOT used to is an opponent anticipating our pass,and being prepared for it on his front foot,nipping in and intercepting before it can reach the intended recipient. That it happened so often in dangerous areas for us was no accident-that was the result of good scouting and coaching.

And when they broke,they broke like lightning. Our midfield had little chance of harrying them,they were over the hill and far away by the time we realised we had had our pockets picked. Yet we could easily have done it to them,we have been banging a drum relentlessly in recent weeks about our surfeit of pace up front,yet we never seemed to be able to put ourselves in a position to use it. Not once did I see a ball out wide for James or Jeremy on the right to run on to at full pelt,not once did I see a ball out wide for Scott or Izzy to run on to at full pelt.

And not once did I see it played over the top for Ollie to give their defenders nightmares by beating them for pace and having a clear run on goal. I don’t think any of that changed with the substitutions either.

Overall,I’m very disappointed in the result and in the display. That we are putting out fairly disjointed sides on a regular basis due to injuries and signing policies is really no excuse-we know the situation and we failed to maximise our chances on the big occasion.

Again,because just as you all think Mahe and I throw these articles together,I could really have saved you all a lot of time-and myself a lot of effort-by reminding you all of what SETTING FREE THE BEARS said SEVEN months ago on CQN,and here-at my request-less than two weeks ago.

Last night proved once again that we are where we are. And no happyclapping or mineshafting is gonna make a blind bit of difference. We are flat track bullies,and didn’t get near to landing a blow last night. For a puncher to have a chance,he has to at least throw a bloody punch!


Above by BMCUWP.

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Awe Naw

Yes at least we know that if Brendan stays he will again immediately have to bed in a plethora of new players in the summer. Boyata, Benkovic, Burke, Weah, Toljan, Lustig, If does fancy it then his ambition is in line with the clubs. Qualify for Europe develop players and sell them on. Stay superior domestically. The reason being that once/if Sevco are top dogs Celtic Park will be empty.

You can clearly see with Benkovic, Weah, Toljan that they are far better footballers than what we are used to dealing with under the Lawwell era.

A cycle that is unlikely to be broken for as long as we have this PLC in place.

groundhog summer here we come


Indeed. And as you know,I am no fan of our current custodians. Or any of our previous ones either.

I cut Fergus a lot of slack,mainly because he wasn’t Desmond White,but I always took issue with him over staff remuneration.

He just couldn’t understand that football is unlike most businesses,certainly those he was used to. His staff weren’t happy to work for minimum wage,and they certainly wouldn’t jump to it when he let it be known that he would like a coffee.

“Groundhog Day” is a good comparator. We can change the title for the Scottish market,I’d suggest “Expectation Management”. Or for the Kilwinning/Swindon market,”Aw Fuck,Here We Go Again…”

big packy

HI BHOYS, very disappointed but not surprised by the result, nobody wanted the ball as soon as any of our players got it was a hot potato kick it anywhere, on the other hand they got the ball and created space with their passing ability ,anyway on to Kilmarnock,feck eurupe.hh.

Awe Naw

Fergus though was up against a team of corrupt billionaires and the Bank Of Scotland – a debate that should be had at sometime – hence I look upon our present billionaire a bit like I look upon Winston Churchill – a necessary evil.

I see Bawwy Bawbag is still at it over the McGregor assault issue.


Thing is,this particular leg-breaking attempt was on Bawbag’s own nephew. And still he defends the thug who tried to break his teenage nephew’s leg.

That’s just shameful,Bawbag. Bawbag behaviour,in fact. Bawbag is about six inches taller than my Uncle Jim,my Dad’s brother. If a huge 6’4″ thug had tried to break my legs when I was a teenager,my 5’4″ Uncle Jim would have bitten the basturt’s balls off and spat them in his face. Having thrown my Dad out of the way to get there first!

Shameful cowardly behaviour from both banned-for-life lowlife toerags,and shameful editorial behaviour from the DR,surely a new low even for them.


Fergus was NOT up against corrupt billionaires,he was up against corruption which controlled billions. Of OUR money.

None of them had a pot to piss in,bar what they loaned and borrowed. Emperor’s New Clothes,I wonder if the masons were big in Copenhagen in the days of Hans Christian Andersen?

Awe Naw

“billionaires” “knights of the realm” “20 million pound pensions” … still a discussion that is still to be had …it effectively killed off Celts for Change

Awe Naw

Celtic ‘bat’ banner complaint rejected by UEFA after Valencia protest display
The Spaniards were reportedly unhappy with Hoops fans’ Batman-inspired creation.

By Liam Fenian Mc Bryce
22:14, 14 FEB 2019UPDATED22:46, 14 FEB 2019

UEFA have reportedly rubbished a complaint from Valencia over Celtic fans’ pre-match display.

The standing section at Parkhead unveiled a Batman-inspired banner ahead of the Europa League last 32 clash that is believed to have angered the Spanish club.

It featured a version of the bat found on the Valencia crest with a message inspired by The Riddler from the superhero series.

It read: “Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big black bat?”

However, superdeporte.es report Valencia officials were unhappy that the bat on the display was “deformed”.

They claim UEFA rejected the complaint as it “does not incite violence”.

It was an otherwise positive evening for Los Che as they ran out comfortable 2-0 winners in Glasgow.

Goals either side of half-time from Denis Cheryshev and Ruben Sobrino put the La Liga giants in full control of the tie.

The teams meet again for the second leg next Thursday at the Mestalla.

Awe Naw

Answer: We are pure shiting it too. Shiteing it so much that none of our non loanees could pass the ball
Seriously what was the point of those three banners ?


I only know JT,and even that,not enough,from Celts for Change. I’ve mailed him a few times to ask if he would be interested in posting an article on here,but I think he has changed his addy.

There are one or two others who were involved that I’ve met,and discussed their tactics and methods. Don’t have their contact details though. There are also another few whom I am sure well involved from Day One,but can hardly ask them,as they’re gonna say-who told you?

It’s not much fun running a blog,and even less so when the sources you want go all wide-mouth-frog-don’t-see-many-of-them-round-here on you. Can’t even call someone a see ya next tuesday without getting hit with legal action.

(I think we are on a winner on this one,definition against defamation)

I take your point about them being sharper and able to anticipate what we are gonna do, but some of our passing was woeful, a few went out of the park ffs, we were doing good imo till Broonie made a bad pass, then it all fell apart.
There are excuses about budgets, wages and the like, that being the case, well done Valencia, you beat a team that have a bigger budget and pay their players more…..


AS the match progressed last night I was struck by a thought that I had seen this picture before. It was Salzburg all over again. The high press, the superior ball control, an opponent with a disciplined shape that we could only disrupt by chance.Prior to that it was Leipzig away, and Munchengladbach away. Worse it was AEK home and away, and Malmo away.

If further proof was needed about where we are in the European pecking order, it arrived last night.

What we witnessed was not just the clash of two football teams but the collision of two football cultures. We were not beaten by a superior football team last night, we were beaten before we made it onto the park. We were beaten by our own football culture which consists of one dimensional tactics, poor ball control, and poor passing and movement. We are top of a heap that consists of teams that play that way. These teams, Celtic included, are short on ball skills, short on creativity, short on coaching, and, crushingly short on innovation from the governing bodies. Because of the latter little will change in the immediate future.

Most of the Valencia players were raised in a football culture completely opposite to our own, and therein lies their success.How do we fix it? The answer is we cannot. The existing system is broken. Mediocrity is the output and always will be. From Celtic’s perspective the only immediate hope, and it is a slim one, is to get out of the SPL. All other alternatives if they are at all feasible are based on changing the football culture in Scotland…….a monumental task and one that will take at least two decades of innovation and strong leadership. It will not happen. This is the reality that we fans have to face. Are you in or are you out? NOt an easy question to answer, is it?


The amount of posts today not bothering about europe and eight in a row is what it’s all about is so, so sad, the brainwashing is near complete.

Margaret McGill

I give you AEK Athens and the Lawwell 16 year 4 point paradigm.:

1.Nice turnover
2.EPL fodder
3.Europe if yer lucky
4.Whit are the huns daein?

Pure genius that man.As i said last night.
You have got to hand it to Lawwell. Financial visionary, perfect business continuity plan and maximize self numeration in the millions. Its just a pity his gravy train is a football team with a wonderful history.

Played a blinder on the res12’rs anaw.

Margaret McGill

Hoodwinked all of yeez at awe the AGMs anaw 🙂


Happy Friday Sentinels !
On the game , my humble take is its the end of the line / cycle for quite a few of these players and that has been proven.
In replacing / rebuilding we should look for better ball skills and perhaps a lockpicker / playmaker.
As AweNaw points out we could be looking at as much as 6 new faces in the team next year .
Its a great opportunity .
The biggest question of course is who exactly will be tasked with sourcing these replacements?
For another day I guess.
A couple of notables from my dodgy replay which was a recording of the BT sports stream.
A wee boy got caught on camera , with his da encouraging him, stealing the match ball . Classic.
When the songs / chants were football based or considered normal ie the fields the crowd volume was high giving a sense of big atmosphere.
A few reb songs started and the volume got lowered big time. Someone somewhere had a directive , I wonder who exactly compiled it and what input was taken .

On the pitch we are a third rate club . We just have to face it until there is a major shakeup in either our own ownership / shareholding setup or the game at large embraces change such as a Superleague setup.
As the King sang “ Were caught in a trap ! “
My reply is huh huh 😉

On the domestic front a storm is currently descending on us and expected to bring 10 inches snow . This usually results in a power failure due to the weight of snow sitting on a tree can cause it to topple , thus dragging down a power line .
Just a way of life here , if snows coming get ready for no power.
So the family made a decision to get outta town before we got stuck stranded inside , most likely with no electricity , and with unplowed roads and being at the bottom of a valley needing to go uphill , we or indeed anyone should only go out unless absolutely urgent.
We happened to go through all this crap last week and are facing it again so its best they bail while myself and the cat hold the fort down slopping out the flooding basement.
Did get a load of drink in of course. Might be forced off grid though.
But with just myself to worry about I dont think I will mind at all .

Jimthetim53 , sorry about that MIT slur , twas a jest . Hes a gent. Very lucky one. Hope alls good and you will be online. Hail Hail

It’s only in the past few years that supporters are obsessed with money, when did we ever bother about balance sheets and the like.
The huns going bust has been a Godsend for Pedro, the support have taken to it like thick tabloid readers.

Margaret McGill

we dont care about awe this gobbledygook coz we hate the huns.
we dont care what the animals say coz we hate the huns
we dont care that we are being lied to coz we hate the huns
we dont care that our cash injects life into the huns coz we hate the huns
we dont care about Europe coz we hate the huns
we dont care but for 8iar coz we hate the huns
we dont care but for 10iar coz we hate the huns
we dont care that our great team is being used as a gravy train coz we hate the huns
we dont care that our custodians sold the jerseys coz we hate the huns
we dont care that the SFA is corrupt coz we hate the huns
we dont mind being cheated and the moan and whine constantly about it coz we hate the huns
etc etc etc
I think its time most Tims shoved awe their shite back up their gaping arseholes!

Margaret McGill



Dani Parejo’s performance was one the finest 45 minutes I’ve ever seen by a central midfield player at CP. The Valencia captain gave a masterclass in midfield play and completely controlled the game both on and off the ball, unlike our own captain.


I noted with interest that we were completely outplayed at CP last night by a team playing with 2 forwards in the outdated 442 formation.



Why do we not shop in Spain? Sure, players from the top clubs are out of reach but there must be targets in mid table clubs. Wait a minute, Valencia are a mid table club!




That last comment is ill informed and an insult to our intelligence.

Res12 was not about blind siding PL which could not be done without damaging Celtic in the process by giving the media a big stick to beat Celtic with and so divide the support.

Protecting Celtic as opposed to PL was a responsibility we were keenly aware of although when ill informed opinions insult our intelligence then demonstrating we werent blind sided might have to take precedence and then folk can see where blindness occurred.

Remember Res12 was a means to SFA reform and it still is although much depends on how much dishonesty the match going supporter, not just of Celtic but of all clubs are prepared to tolerate.

It’s not what happened in 2011 that now matters as much as how much the SFA and SPL have conned or lied to us since then.

Keep watching.


Rebus I don’t think Spanish players settle in general in the Uk. Too nice at home.
It’s interesting Germany is having an influx of young UK players who see game time as the most important factor in the decision to move there. Can cope with the food and climate and take language lessons, but many new teammates will have some English.
In fairness our new batch , the 7 , we’re pretty diversely sourced. I think one or two will opt to stay / hope to stay.
Toijan and Burke?

Stay warm and Hail Hail

If as you say Spanish players tend not to settle in scotland or the UK in general, the French do, France is full of top, top quality affordable to us players, yet we don’t tend to shop there.


Mahe The atmosphere in the stands was as flat as the performance on the pitch last night. Couldn’t wait to get out of CP. And take care amigo.Hh

Margaret McGill

Aye I’m still watching. I’m insulting Celtic supporters who thinks that Celtic PLC or anyone else in Scottish football gives a rats arse on stopping the corruption or the cheating. If they did they’d stop paying but they cant coz they hate the huns.End of discussion in my opinion.


Not all match going supporters do so because they hate the huns.

If the reduced attendance in the absence of “Rangers” is an indicator then 10k do. That leaves 30 to 35K who watch Celtic for lots of reasons.

If they don’t mind the corruption then the game is a bogey but that is to be tested by the truth and extent of the corruption and self respect of those 30k plus supporters excluding honest supporters of other clubs shafted by the SFA protection of “Rangers”.

Officially Rangers never cheated because of LNS and avoidance of Res12. Both are linked. If that official position on no cheating changes its a new ball game. That’s why persistence is being resisted and why we persist.


Professional football worldwide is stacked in favour of vested interests and is essentially morally corrupt to the core, as recently evidenced by the resurrection of Bonkle’s finest son at eufa. Celtic is not immune to this influence and is effectively in a gunfight with a peashooter. Hh

Margaret McGill

I admire your persistence. However, the game is already a bogey and until the source of money dries up you are wasting your time.I speculate that there will indeed be an ever decreasing pot of money for the corrupt cheaters to squabble over. Lawwell will be gone by then of course. I say burn it all.

Mahe, its OK I knew you were having a laugh about MIT. I’m not so happy about you conditions just now. Stay safe friend.


So, take over panel have had the loss taken out of them.
CHAIRMAN Dave King’s court-ordered offer to buy all shares in Rangers other than those already held by him and three other investors has failed.

It has been confirmed that the mandatory offer, which could have cost him as much as £19m, just failed to get enough acceptances from shareholders to become valid.

It means that those who accepted the 20p-a-share offer included former football board chairman Sandy Easdale and his family will keep their shares.

Valid acceptances were received for 18.9m shares, or 19.82% of the club, which would give Mr King’s group 47.12%, 3% short of the 50% threshold to make the takeover offer successful.

big packy

HI BHOYS ,still scunnerd about last night put me in awe naw and mags camp playing against a la liga team with 3 loan players and a right back on a free transfer from the Saudi arabian league,. and before anyone says it I loved izzy when he first came to the club, but time marches on unfortunately,, im sick of Europe now. we cant compete and I certainly don’t want the team ive watched for 53 years humiliated end of feck Europe.hh..

That’s a bit of a blow for the TOP, only themselves to blame, they have pussyfooted around Clarence for too long, he sure knows how to play them.

Stop it Packy! Cheer up! Think of Joan and the doggies! Much as I love football and Celtic, it’s not the be all and end all.

big packy

HI JIM, you know what you have just made me realize there is more to life than celtic, but it still hurts. joan and the dugs say, hi uncle jim.hh ??.


It sure is TET.
He’s made them look like mugs.
Hail Hail

The only hope is Mike Ashley, it seems like he really disny like him and he has very deep pockets, what mash has in his favour is the english court system, a wee bit different from the masonic scottish one.

This is a very good breakdown of us last night, well worth the watch.


I’ll let the world be the judge Mags.

If it turns out to be a waste of time it will say more about them than it does of me or the guys for wanting to change it.

One thing is certain. If you start off thinking nothing will change, nothing will.

Margaret McGill

Auldheid my friend we see the world differently. I’m not a born cynic I became one.
Yes the world will judge but not the way you’re expecting and oh aye football globally will change. It will become more corrupt, more centralized, more WWF, less fans, and wait till after Qatar a general loss of interest.
Scottish football will become more parochial and more bitter and bigoted.
Just you wait and see 🙂
I say burn it all.


Armageddon where the bad guys win because good guys let them Mags.

Margaret McGill

Well Armageddon outta the sham and so should you. 🙂


My tickets already written ?

Margaret McGill

I hope thats just a joke my friend and that all is well with you.


Fascinating look at the game there. A hard watch too.

Margaret McGill

2 amazing articles.
Football is dead.
Long live football.